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a sovereign for it----" Perks fell in with the suggestion eagerly enough. There was no reason to stay any longer, and the trio set out for the hotel, feeling


now that it was possible to move without the slightest fear of alarming the inhabitants of the cottage on the common. "I suppose that was stolen property we caught


Perks looking over?" Ravenspur asked. "Not the slightest doubt of it," Venables said coolly. "I daresay if we had been voted suspicious the signal wou


ld have been flashed back to the house to hide it at once. But if you thought it was stolen property, Lord Ravenspur, why did you invest in that lit

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tle disc which you took such a fancy to?" "I am going to tell you something startling," Ravenspur replied. "Walter, you recollect that little ornament which I bought in Rome, and subsequently gave to poor Delahay who took a great fancy to it? I had his initials engraved on the back. He wore it on his watch-chain." "I recollect it perfectly well," Walter said. "Delahay was wearing it the last time I ever saw him. But what has all this got to do with your purchase of this morning?" "Only that it happens to be the same thing," Ravenspur said quietly. "I recognised it in a moment. Oh, there is no mistake. Here is the disc for you to examine for yourself. You will see the initials an

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atter grinned sheepishly. He snatched up the bowl, and hastily removed it to

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e. Ravenspur held out a detaining hand. "One moment," he said, "I am rath

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hose kind of things. I don't wish to be inquisitive, or to ask idle question

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s I am greatly mistaken you have a Commonwealth porringer amongst those thin

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like to look at it." Perks bowed to the inevitable. He cursed himself sl

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his breath for his folly in not removing everything, but he felt safe in th

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is visitors. They would not be likely to ask any questions as to whence the

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. By the time that Venables had written and stamped his letter, Lord Ravensp

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d the date on the back of it. As soon as we get time, we must ascertain from Inspector Dallas if Delahay's watch was missing when his body was found. If so, then this opens quite a new phase of the mystery. On the whole, I am not at

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